NGO Validation Successful

Today, the new domain has been activated and been made available for use by OnGood, the organization that manages all .ngo domains. These domains are only available to non-governmental organizations that can verify that they are active and legitimate. OnGood’s mission is “to shine a light on good in our world by helping non-profit, non-governmental, and charitable organizations be found, be credible, and raise funds”.

OnGood’s exclusive .ngo domains help supporters and peers easily find verified NGO’s. OnGood provides tools to help members share their authentic and compelling stories with new audiences. They also maintain the definitive list of organizations using the .ngo domain, the extension that reassures supporters and peers that the site they are visiting is managed by a legitimate, verified NGO. On top of this, the OnGood community of verified NGO’s makes it easy for organizations to connect with supporters, mobilize action to back their efforts, and receive funding through an online donation tool.

In other words, we are very happy to be part of the OnGood network!