Beta version DApp live

As of last week, the Horizon DApp is live!

The beta version of our decentralized application currently runs on the Ropsten test net, so be careful to send only test Ether.

Through the Horizon Factory, it is possible to create an instance of the Horizon Splitter software. A splitter is used to redistribute its financial reserve to its token holders. Money can be collected by simple deposits to the splitter address. Periodically, the funds are split and sent to the registered ERC20 token holders. Think of the Splitter as a decentralized recurring payments system, which can be used for basic income services as well as for other periodic payment schemes.

The Horizon DApp offers an administration section for both splitters and tokens. On top of this, it is possible to create new ERC20 tokens through our smart contracts. Simply fill in a small form, confirm the Ethereum transaction and your new token is created.

Try out the DApp’s functionalities and send us your feedback!