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We are a team of crypto enthusiasts who believe that technology and passion can help turn our world into a better place. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to a better life and through our initiatives we try to work towards this goal.

With many years of experience exploring the possibilities of what technology has to offer, building prototypes and working on many different projects, we have reached a point where we can now clearly see the path to a bright future. However, to reach this destination will be hard. Luckily, many people across the world are continuously fighting to get there at some point.

In other words, for a good cause, we’re not afraid of a fair fight. Of course, our fight is not a violent one, but one of persistence and determination. Our targets are clear and when we all work closely together, there is a possibility to reach them. All help is therefore welcome.

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Dirk von Heinrichshorst

Business Concept Developer
Innovative Web Engineer

Lead Developer

Eliott Teissonniere

Blockchain Developer
Security Expert


Amin Rafiee

Decentralization Advocate
Blockchain Consultant
Public Speaker

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