Uniting basic income initiatives
UBI service platform

Horizon aims to unite basic income initiatives worldwide. To this purpose, Horizon offers a platform where basic income services can be easily set up. This works through the so-called “Horizon Factory” that, basically, creates a copy of the Horizon basic income service at each request. This is as easy as filling in a simple form and confirming the Ethereum transaction. In the back, the Horizon smart contracts keep managing the system, but the newly created service runs independently from the main service and it is completely controlled by its creator, of course.

UBI cost & support

By using the Horizon Factory, there is no need to invest a lot of money into the development of a custom basic income service. To support the platform, a one-time fee is charged for creating a new instance of Horizon’s basic income service and a wee percentage (used only to fuel Horizon’s financial reserve) is kept from each deposit to this instance. In other words, the more initiatives that make use of Horizon’s platform, the more people can benefit from Horizon’s main basic income service. For each party involved, it is a win-win deal.

Decentralized Application

The beta version of Horizon’s DApp has been deployed on the Ropsten test net, so be careful to send only test Ether!

Go to DApp

To create a new Splitter instance, provide the following data:
– name of the new basic income service
– period length of regular payouts to token holders
– address of the token used for calculating payout amounts
– the amount of Ether in Wei(*) that is paid out periodically per token
– the maximum number of tokens allowed per account

(*) 1 Ether = 1000000000000000000 Wei

Standard ERC20 tokens

As the Horizon platform works with ERC20 compatible tokens, already created tokens can also be used when deploying a new basic income service. To enable this option, it is only required to register the existing ERC20 token at the Horizon Factory.

At the same time, through the Factory, new tokens can be easily created without an additional fee. These tokens are completely owned and controlled by its creators and work exactly as Horizon’s MiniMe tokens. This means that tokens created through the Horizon Factory can be used for multiple purposes, so they are absolutely not limited to a basic income service deployed on the Horizon platform.