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A basic income for everyone!
Basic Income Tokens

Would you like to build a basic income for yourself? We are here to help you with that! The Horizon service guarantees regular payouts to its token holders. Fueled by donations and partnerships both inside and outside the crypto world, a financial reserve is continuously built and redistributed. The more tokens you hold, the higher your payout amounts.

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Basic Income Factory

Would you like to run an independent basic income service? Easily done! Just send a request to our basic income factory and create your own splitter instance. Deposits sent to this service will be redistributed to your audience only. You can create your target audience by setting up your own basic income token or by reusing an existing Horizon token.

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Step 1: Testnet

Extensive testing of the Horizon smart contract code will make sure that everything runs smoothly and without error before the platform is released to the public. If you're a developer and you would like to contribute, feel free to get in touch with us.

Step 2: Mainnet

First release of the Horizon basic income service including the basic income factory for creating independent service instances. An increasing amount of Horizon tokens will become available with a rising financial reserve built by donations, partnerships and the use of our factory.

Step 3: Horizon DAO

Aiming for decentralization means that decision power can't remain with a small group of individuals, even when they are the founders of the organization. Through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, we aim to redistribute voting power among a larger group of stake holders.

Step 4: Mobile app

Release of a cross-platform mobile app for managing your Horizon tokens. The first version will include the possibility to buy and sell tokens, as well as to collect your periodic basic income payouts. More features will be included in following releases.