The path to your basic income
Token distribution

Before we distribute any Horizon basic income tokens, we want to establish a financial reserve big enough to pay out all token holders for at least one year! In this regard, it is likely that the first Horizon tokens will become available through Horizon partnerships, although a very limited amount will be offered to early bird followers. Important to mention is that Horizon team members will have to acquire the tokens through the same channels as everyone else, so nobody gets advantaged above others.

Token exchange

When Horizon tokens will be distributed to the public, we will offer them through a decentralized exchange. Based on the financial reserve built until then, we will set a price per token for the sell orders on the exchange. As the target is to have as many people as possible benefit from Horizon’s basic income service, several strategies will be used to create the sell orders, so token hoarding becomes quite hard. To further prevent this, only a maximum number of tokens per account will be accepted.

Early Bird Registration

Support by spreading the news about our United Basic Income platform through articles, blog posts, comments, … and build reputation as a Horizon promoter! The more links you send in, the higher your Ethereum account will be ranked (so be sure to always fill in the same account). Every link will be manually verified, of course.

The top 10 promoters will be the first to receive the Horizon basic income tokens the minute they are released!

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